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“serv·ices” [ser-vic-sis]: Intangible products that are not goods (tangible products), such as accounting, banking, cleaning, consultancy, education, insurance, knowing how to make great videos!



Brain storming, story boarding, script writing, project management… we’re here to listen and help develop a game plan to tackle even the toughest project. We know what it takes to assemble all the pieces.  Our experience and know-how is with you every step of the way. Each creative team member contributes to the project, and it is this collaboration and idea exchange that results in a superior communication package.


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Field Production
Our location gear consists of professional JVC, Canon and Nikon High Definition cameras, ARRI / Chimera lighting and just about every audio gadget known to man.  Our crew members are seasoned veterans and have been working together as a team for years.

Hocus Focus Video Production at University Center

We know how to direct the action, shoot the video, light the set, and capture perfect audio in just about any environment.  With credits in educational video, corporate video, documentary features, narrative shorts, television, commercials and live performance, we know what it takes to get the job done right.

HD location and studio production | JVC700 Camera Operator


Studio Production

Back at the ranch we have green screen capabilities and can provide a variety of basic backdrops for talking head videos and product display…of course we also provide graphic design services for chroma-key virtual sets.

If your studio production requires a larger space we can arrange for that as well.  We take great pride in attending to every detail necessary to make your production a success.


Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Video Editing and Post Production | Baltimore, MDThis is where all the pieces of the puzzle come together.  Editing, Graphic Design, Animation, Audio Sweetening, Special Effects, DVD Design and Authoring, and Multimedia Support…we have the expertise and tools to add the “bells and whistles” to any project. Our advanced Adobe Premiere and Final Cut editing suites are equipped with the latest hardware and software to meet the challenges of an HD world head on.  Our software arsenal includes Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, Audition, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Lightroom to name a few.  From standard definition to HD our “Screaming Machines” can make any workflow a breeze.
Post Production Video Studio - Adobe Premiere Final Cut | Video Production Services | Baltimore, MD | DC

Where else can you bring your old video tapes, drop them off with the security of knowing they’re in good capable hands?! Trust Hofo, we won’t send them to China or a gang of elves in the North Pole. We do it all in house with equipment that would make Santa Claus blush. So bring in your box of tapes, old photographs to be transferred to a professional slideshow, DVD, or even BluRay Disc and relax…we’ve go you covered with competitive prices!

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