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There will be a period of collecting and accumulating funds and ideas. Everyone will be able to participate. Once a firm foundation is established, we will begin to address every important issue possible. Everyone will be able to monitor the use of funds and progress in mission. Curriculum will be developed as guidelines on how anyone can play a key role in making the world a better place for all things. Eventually these guidelines will form the basis of an occupation that
will be integrated into every line of work, to positively influence all towards the fruition of the objective. By example we will show what can be done with the accumulation of wealth and ideas. There will be no secrets, and all activities will remain completely transparent. We will then set the example by which all should strive to achieve. Attributes such as honesty, integrity, and charity will be the foundation, body and pinnacle of the endeavor.


 The TOAWM Business Plan is being finalized and will be available soon.

"If the resources used to wage war were transferred to
nutrition, education, justice, well being, and developing our minds;
most of the world’s problems would significantly diminish."




"It is our responsibility to take care of this planet
and everything that is on it.
Saying 'That’s just the way things are' is not acceptable."

How Can I Make A Difference?


How can I make a difference?

Every choice that each of us make can make a difference. Every action can make a difference. If you feel you don’t have a choice, well now you do. Donations and proceeds will be utilized to create the infrastructure needed to address every important issue possible. Feel confidence in knowing that by making a contribution of your time, ideas, or money, or by purchasing a DVD, that you will be helping to make the world a better place for all things.
All ideas are welcome, and will be incorporated to achieve this goal. If you feel as though your hands are tied so you cannot do what you know is right due to pressure from those around you, then you can send your ideas and contributions anonymously. Too much is depending on our success. All that each of us care for and hold dear will benefit. A little given by many can make a big difference. Be a part of making the world a better place for ALL things.


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"As those inhabiting the planet now, we should take a closer look at how we are allowing ourselves to be governed."

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"Every culture possesses attributes that are unique.
If we take the best attributes of every culture
and combine them for the benefit of all, we will all benefit."


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