The Team

“The Team” [The (th-uh) Team (tee-m)]- A collection of super-hero like individuals with great talents and a collective professional history of over 100 years.

Don Armstrong- President, CEO, Camera Operator, Editor, Producer/Director

Video production Company Baltimore | Cameraman | Video Editor | Director Editor | Corporate / marketing video, YouTube video, web videos, educational and training videosA long way from his formal education in Animal Science and Biochemistry, Don first caught the “video bug” in 1989 after a local production company all but ruined his wedding video.  ”In an attempt to fix the problems and salvage the tape, I began purchasing a vast array of computers and video gear and taught myself how to edit…the rest is history.”  As the President and CEO of Hocus Focus Productions, Don is used to wearing many hats—making sure that all the pieces of every project are perfectly executed.  He has extensive experience as a camera operator and video editor.

When he’s not working on a project, you can find him playing the flute with friend and guitarist Kirby Storms in their jazz duo Jazzmatazz (

Travis Johnson- Animator/Motion Graphic Artist, Multi-Media Specialist, Editor

Video production Company Baltimore | Video Editor, Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, YouTube video, web videos, educational and training videos
Travis operates as the “sure, I can do that” guy…  Need some video edited? “Sure, I can do that.” Need some motion graphics done?  ”Sure, I can do that.” Need to make some new Flash Movies? “Well, I can’t do that right now, but I will teach myself Flash tonight, and do that tomorrow.” Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom, almost any program Travis will ingest and output something super-awesome! He is a classically trained artist and is a naturally creative person that enjoys learning new things to stay hip and relevant.

Other things Travis enjoys include tackling impossible projects, photography, rolling skating ( around the country, and smiling.

Kirby Storms- Chief Engineer, Audio Engineer, Technical Advisor

Video production Company Baltimore | Camera Operator | Video Editor  corporate / marketing video, YouTube video, web videos, educational and training videosKirby has been in the TV Broadcast and Post Production industry for more than 25 years.  He has traveled throughout the country working for Tektronix, Ampex, Grass Valley and Sony as an Applications Engineer and Senior Field Service Engineer.  He has also worked as a Systems Integrator designing and installing everything from automated Master Control server based systems to elaborate post production facilities. “It has been my utmost pleasure to be a part of Don’s efforts to build a wonderfully creative and productive facility and business.  In addition, I get to collaborate with my best friend, provide technical support and share in the enjoyment of the music we play together (

Tom Blair- Director/Producer, Voice Talent

Tom Blair at Hocus Focus Productions doing some Voice Overs

Tom has been a staple at Hocus Focus since the beginning.  From the first draft script, through all the stages of production, Tom brings a creative and technical know-how to every project that he is involved in.  As a Director/Producer, Tom knows how to keep things organized, on track, and on budget. With an extensive background in theater, he can provide the “motivation” to bring out the best in every actor.  Script writer, Offline editor, Director/Producer, Casting…Tom is a multi-talented individual that we are proud to have on our team…oh yeah, did I forget to mention that Tom has one of the best voices in the business.

Ty Ford- Chief Audio Engineer

Ty Ford on Audio Boom  For VIdeo Production

In 1986, Ty left a career in radio broadcasting to pursue writing, audio production and talent work.  He also began writing articles for magazines and web sites and is currently the Audio Forum leader for the Creative Cow Audio ForumHe has written numerous books on audio production, re-written NAB’s handbook on radio commercial copywriting and twice updated the microphone chapter in the weighty NAB Engineering Handbook.

Today, Ty has a reputation as being one of the best audio technicians in the business.  He is always our first choice for location audio recording and mixing.  Although Ty is best known for his audio abilities, he also likes to strut his stuff as a camera operator and editor…show off!

Dave Bongiovanni- Technical eLearning Developer

Dave Bongiovoni of Hocus Focus Productions -  A full service video production company in Batlimore Towson

Dave is the Principal of Advanced Instructional Design, a full-service educational consulting company specializing in Instructional System Design and all forms of e-learning.  He is our go-to-guy for developing  Web Based Training and Blended Learning Programs.  A.I.D. will determine the most cost-effective Learning Management, e-Learning, Social Learning, or Distance Learning strategy for your organization and will design a custom tailored program with just the right blend of Web Based and Instructor Led training.

Dave has also been known to show up with his tool belt on whenever we need a little cosmetic tweaking around the studio.

Jason Lapp (aka Mr. Wizard)- Tech Guru

Jason Lapp of Hocus Focus Productions -  A full service video production company in Batlimore TowsonWe count on Jason to keep our computers and networks running smoothly and to keep us informed on the “latest and greatest”.  When no one else can figure it out…Jason can!  A trained certified technician and a technology mastermind, Jason provides us with peace of mind knowing that there is a solution for everything.

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